What is Leptin Overide

Many women looking to lose weight have tried many methods of weight loss but have eventually decided to turn to leptin override with Venus Factor. This is a lifestyle system that is focused on the diet as well as the exercise to bring their bodies back to shape. The method achieves the results, through a burning mechanism. To learn more about how the program works, we should first understand the role that leptin works as it is the basis of the program.

First and foremost, Leptin is a fat burning hormone that is widely recognized and can help reduce the appetite for women who are struggling with weight. The challenge there when it comes to weight loss is the body’s inability to breakdown fat into energy. Dieting however, does not work as it only conditions the body to break down glucose for energy and avoid the fat. You may therefore, find that you may be eating far less than any other person in your household but you still heavier than everyone.


However, research shows that the hormone Leptin can help the body burn the stored fats that are undesired. It is produced by the fat cells and informs the body when it is time to stop eating and when to eat. In fact, the hormone gives the body feedback when the fat cells are full, which triggers the body to stop naturally the absorption and storage of fats. This in turn results in the burning of fats for energy.

When the Leptin hormone is in high levels, the metabolic rate in the body speeds up and when it s low, the metabolic rate slows down considerably and more fat is stored. The most unfortunate thing however, is the fact that dieting causes the levels of Leptin to fall dramatically fast. The number one reason as to why most women reach a plateau phase in their weight loss endeavor. Take a look at this video, it expains how the whole leptin overide works:

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The Tale of Two Meals

Take a look at this infographic about the tale of two meals…


An individual who is anxious to lose weight is frequently less inclined to stay. Thus there’s an intellect of necessity to lose weight as soon as possible. They’ll still go so far as to put themselves in troubles in order to hit the notorious scale. You can make out that we exist in a ‘fast track’ era, where if we wish for something we don’t have to linger for it. We would like to have it immediately. And we surely don’t desire to work tough for it either. We would like to get it easily.

But occasionally it’s good to wait and work hard for what you desire, because the consequences frequently prove to be enduring, whereas when you get what you desire rapidly and simply, the consequences tend to be momentary. This is surely the case when it comes to definite approaches to go on a diet and weight loss.

Quick weight loss frequently results in gaining the weight at the same time, and losing weight slowly such as the weight loss caused by use of green coffee bean frequently results in long-standing success. The outcome here is that there is a correct procedure to get on with losing weight and incorrect procedure is in gaining more weight. To go in the correct procedure it takes lots of time to lose weight.

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